Saturday, July 31, 2010

God's will

Have you watched the news lately? Sometimes I think I may just have to stop. Why? Because it's difficult to see all the bad news that there is to see night after night. It's difficult to see the state of our economy not getting a whole lot better. It's difficult to see people and places being destroyed by fires, earthquakes, floods, and by the enormous amount of oil that spilled in the gulf.

As a Christian, I find myself being asked by unbelievers "where on earth is the goodness of God in all of this? What kind of God lets terrible things happen?". Of course, I know that God is good all the time. I know that God doesn't delight in the affliction that so many suffer and in the slow but steady demise of our planet. But, how do I explain to an unbeliever that God is here, that He sees what is happening and is saddened about it? How do I explain that He cares about and loves all of us? How do I explain God's will to an unbeliever?

Today, I found a great excerpt from C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. He puts it in a context that is quite easy to understand. He writes:

"Christians believe that an evil power has made himself for the present the prince of this world. And, of course, that raises problems. Is this state of affairs in accordance with God's will or not? If it is, He is a strange God you will say; and if it is not, how can anything happen contrary to the will of a Being with absolute power?

But anyone who has been in authority knows how a thing can be in accordance with your will in one way and not in another. It may be quite sensible for a mother to say to her children, "I'm not going to go and make you tidy the schoolroom every night. You've got to learn to keep it tidy on your own". Then she goes up one night and finds the teddy bear and the ink and the French grammar all lying in the grate. That is against her will. She would prefer the children to be tidy. But on the other hand, it is her will which has left the children free to be untidy."

This certainly makes sense. God has given us the freedom to live our lives as we please, but God's will is His perfect plan for our lives. It's to give us hope and a future, not to harm us.

I hope I keep this in mind the next time I have a pity party and feel like asking God "why me?". (It does happen!)

Thank you for stopping by and may you and yours be blessed today and always.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An afternoon of boating

This past weekend, we had such gorgeous weather and we took advantage of it by going for a boat ride. Our son asked if he could bring a couple of friends along for the afternoon and of course, we said yes.

Now, why don't you go grab yourself a nice cuppa and join us for the ride? There's always room for one more!

These were some of the houses that we passed by on our way to the ocean. They are all very nice but I wonder how early I'd have to get up to clean my house if I lived in any of these. I doubt many of these homeowners clean their own homes, but I like to clean mine. Windows are another story... ;)

Now there's something you don't see in many people's backyard. All aboard!!!

You don't see too many of these either, at least not this tall. Beautiful blue!

All right, I can almost smell the ocean now... we're almost there!

This guy might take a while to get there but what a workout that must be.

Call me lazy, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather get there in something like this....

Put my feet up and enjoy the ride! Who's with me?

Is that a sailboat in the distance? Looks like we made it to the ocean!

Who's going first?

Looks like my little guy is getting ready to jump...

And there he goes!

What's that I see up above? Two people who aren't afraid of heights, evidently.

I suppose the view is amazing but I'm willing to take their word for it.

After a swim in the ocean, it's time to start heading back.

Oh look - a vacant lot. With your own beach right out back, that's what I call prime location!

And speaking of location, I can think of worse parts of town for someone to go to church!

This one was getting ready to go on a voyage to Bermuda. We ran into the owners while we stopped to gas up. I hope they had a safe journey!

Barking dogs are not very common on the water so I looked around to see where it was coming from. And there he was, just a little bit ahead of us.

And what was he barking at? You might have guessed it, two of his kind relaxing nearby!

Speaking of animals, I don't think this house is in danger of being burglarized with one of these keeping guard...

He's not exactly the real thing, but he sure looks like it, right?

That's it for now but I hope you enjoyed the boat ride. Let's do it again soon!


Monday, July 5, 2010

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream!

Truth be told, if I was only allowed to eat one food for the rest of my life, I think I would choose ice cream. I'm not saying it's a very smart choice, but I'm saying I could learn to live with it.

Now, if I ever brought this little machine home, I could be in real trouble!

Or I could open up an ice cream shop out of my kitchen, I suppose. ;)

And then, I could serve yummy treats like these...

Or keep it a little simpler and go for the classics, vanilla and chocolate.

Maybe add a little crunch once in a while and serve up some yummy and dreamy butter pecan. Just one scoop at at time is a good sign of self-control, don't you think?

But let's not forget about the wonderful and lovely cherry. Would you care for some?

Better yet, I could add a cherry to this banana split but be sure you share it with someone. (You'll thank me in the morning, trust me!)

Then go for a walk, a long walk. I imagine 15 miles at a fast pace should take care of most of those calories, right?

Well, thanks so much for your visit today and I hope you're having a great start to your summer! We actually just returned from vacation and I hope to have a few pictures to share soon once I have them all downloaded and sorted.

Enjoy the season, keep cool, be safe and have fun!