Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello pumpkin!

Growing up, I used to enjoying watching my mom carve pumpkins right before Halloween. She used to do a great job at it too.

Now as an adult, I don't care for Halloween (at least not the spooky side of it) but I still enjoy beautifully decorated pumpkins, gourds and other seasonal fruits. Here are a few that I gathered from Country Living for inspiration. Not sure which ones I will try, they are all so interesting!

I really like this one below, I think it's so pretty! The sweater too...

What about this lovely lantern design?

Here's a view from the top of another favorite of mine. Is it a pumpkin or a flower? Looks like it's both!

Check out the wallpaper - another case of designs that blend in.

My mom used to decorate with candles. Maybe that's why I think this one is so special. :)

How high can you go?! The colors, the shapes, the sizes, doesn't this pretty tower have it all?

Have you or will you decorate this fall? I'd love to hear how you use pumpkins, gourds or other fruits in your decorations.

May your day be joyful and full of sweet blessings!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Enjoying teatime

One of my favorite moments of the day is when I get to enjoy a nice cup of tea. I drink all kinds, but mostly I prefer green teas and white teas.

Lately, I have been enjoying this one from Harney and Sons. It's a green tea called "Citron (lemon) Green".

If I'm at home, I like to put on some wonderful music, such as piano or harp. Often, I listen to Jim Gibson's music, and this cd is one I really enjoy.

A soothing cup of tea along with lovely music somehow instantly takes any care I have to a far away place. Isn't teatime wonderful? I sure think it is!

In fact, I like teatime by myself, just as much as I like teatime with a group of friends...

But my very favorite way to enjoy teatime is to share it with a very special loved one.

May you enjoy tea and special friends to warm your heart today and always!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

By the lake with a boy and his dog

The lake in our backyard is one of my son's favorite spots. The fishing is good some of the time and even when it's not, well it's always a great place to relax, enjoy the breeze and the peaceful surroundings. Even with neighbors all around, it's surprisingly always very quiet.

Whether or not a friend or hubby joins him while he's fishing, my sweet boy is rarely alone for very long. In fact, he's usually joined by a small 4-legged companion named Lizzy.

Yes, our family dog loves to tag along to enjoy the fresh air and the company of her boy...

Aaah, to be as carefree as a boy fishing and his dog keeping him company!

Wishing you a relaxing day and week ahead. May we all remember to slow down and enjoy the scenery. :)