Saturday, February 6, 2010

One special crown

These past few weeks, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, my heart has been aching for all of the people who lost loved ones and are still without homes, food and proper care.

Despite their extremely difficult living conditions, I see that there are so many surviving victims who have an unshakable faith, a knowledge that God is there with them and will see them through. A certainty that their loved ones who have perished are indeed with Jesus. Many people don't have that certainty and it's a blessing to know the glory of salvation. It's a blessing to have no doubt of where we are headed after our journey here ends.

The following words from Charles Spurgeon have to do with exactly that and I thought I would share them with you today.

O, doubting Christian, you have often said, "I'm afraid I'll never enter heaven". Fear not! All the people of God will enter.

I love the refreshing statement of a dying man who exclaimed, "I have no fear of going home. I've sent everything ahead of me. God's finger is on the latch of my door and I'm ready for Him to enter."

Yet, he was asked "Are you not afraid you may miss your inheritance?"

"No", he responded, "there is one crown in heaven the angel Gabriel cannot wear. It will fit no one's head but mine. And there is one throne in heaven the apostle Paul could not fill. It was made for me - and I will have it!"

If you could fly across the eternal city, you would see written upon one of its many mansions these words: "This is reserved for someone special and is being held for him alone. Someday he will be caught up to dwell with God forever."

Poor doubting soul, look at your wonderful inheritance. It is yours - if you believe in the Lord Jesus, if you have repented of your sin, if your heart has been renewed. You are one of the Lord's people and there is a place reserved for you. A crown has been stored up for you and a harp has been especially provided for you.

No one else will take what is yours, for it is reserved in heaven for you. And throughout eternity it will be yours, for there will be no vacant thrones in glory once all of God's chosen have been gathered in.

Don't you love the way Charles Spurgeon puts it? I hope this ministers to even just one person who may have needed to read this today. God loves you and has a special place and a special crown reserved just for you!

Sweet blessings!



Diane@Diane's Place said...

Comforting words indeed, Melody. As I've watched the people of Haiti who have so little in the way of material things, it's been impressed upon me that for most of us in the U.S. it's reversed. We have so much in relation to the rest of the world, but our faith is dwindling for the most part. How many of us would respond with so much faith if we experienced the same kind of devastation to our worldly goods and loss of our loved ones?

I'm sure you didn't expect such a long response, lol. ;o)

Happy weekend, my friend.

Love and hugs,


Lib said...

One day I'll take my flight!:o)
Have a Great wk.end!

Carol said...

Thank you so much for sharing about Charles Spurgeon. His messages are timeless!


Messy Jess said...

I think I like Charles : )

ChaChaneen said...

Beautiful Melody! Great words to share everyday with someone. Hope your having a great weekend.

Linda said...

I think these are words that ignite hope and joy in the hearts of every believer. Life can get awfully difficult, but we have a hope and a home. And we have all of eternity.

Thank you for sharing these uplifting, encouraging words Melody.

Debbie said...

A person would have to be made of stone to withstand such comfort!
Yes, Melody! There is one thing in life we can count on if we place our faith in Christ, and that is a future. Forever. Thank you so much for featuring Spurgeon's quotes. He really knew his Savior and has helped many of us know Him better through his wonderful writings.
Have a good weekend!

Brenda said...

That is a beautiful description of what we have in store for us!

WendyBee said...

Amen and Amen!
God Bless You, Melody.
This is a joyous post!

ChaChaneen said...

Hello my friend, your comment wouldn't let me email you back so I'll leave my answer here... My kids started thermos' at 1st grade. I have packed mini raviolis ( their favorite), top ramen soup noodles, variety of soups, chowders, spaghetti and sometimes just for fun- hot cocoa! Their school does have adult help in the eating area if they can't get lid off. I pack it hot in preheated thermos at 7am and by the time they eat at 11:30-12 it is warm. Oh by the way, I also pack gold fish crackers or something similar for soup days. Enjoy!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Melody!

Elizabethd said...

What beautiful words. Thank you.

Jess said...

Wow, what an awesome post! I am finally back and enjoyed this so much!

Have a great day, I hope all is well with you

Love, Jess

valerie said...

Thinking of you today Melody.
Just wanted to say "Hello" and send you a (((hug)))
all the way from Oklahoma!
Hope you're doing ok.

Debbie said...

We miss you Melody; it's March and we haven't heard a peep from you in a while. Hope everything is ok...Debbie