Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beautiful autumn

Here comes autumn, and what a beautiful season it is! The colors, the shapes, the textures, all give it a glow no other season can boast. It is a season that is warm and comforting just like a dear old friend. Plus, how fun is it to enjoy all the beautiful decorations of this season?!

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Even though the temperatures get a bit colder, it is to me a season full of warmth. The kind of warmth that comes from family and friends gathering together over a fireplace or cheering the home team at a football game or simply the delicious smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven... how can any season compare?

And speaking of warmth, I must thank all of you who have left me such sweet and comforting words over the summer following my mom's passing. I don't know any of you personally and yet, I truly felt embraced by the support and kindness flowing through your comments. Thank you so much for warming my heart the way each of you did and for all of your prayers.

Now, I'm back to my little blog after taking the summer off and I'm happy to welcome you back. :)

Warm hugs and sweet blessings!


ChaChaneen said...

Happy Autumn my sweet friend!! So glad to see you back, bloggy land hasn't been the same while you were gone but we all understand the need. And that's the great thing about a blog.... It's for your own enjoyment to express yourself and the friends you meet along the way are a bonus! Have a great Saturday!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

So nice to see you back. I love autumn, the colors are so pretty and warm. Nice post!

Susan B said...

Hello, welcome back! A lovely post. I love Autumn also, and the change of the season. (Though it is still hot here...88 degrees right now.) The colors of the season are warm...and inviting! Have a lovely Sunday.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Welcome Back to the neighborhood of blogland, I too enjoy fall for all of the reasons you have named.

Carol said...

Welcome back, Melody, I've missed you! I look forward to reading your posts for this wonderful Fall season.

Blessings & Hugs,

Elizabethd said...

So very pleased to see you back. It's good to take some time to rest and be healed.
Your Autumn photo is delightful, lovely colours.

Debbie said...

Good morning, Melody! How nice to hear from you and to see your new post pop up on my dashboard. I've thought about you and wondered how you were enjoying your summer.
What a beautiful photo. I love the hanging autumn decoration! Thanks for you compliments on my decor and of course for noticing silly Beau in his box! I'd miss him too much! I had a hard time going to Maine without him. Can you believe it's Fall already? Looking forward to visiting with you during the holidays,

Becky said...

I hope you had a wonderful summer full of good memories, both new and old to cherish. Welcome back to Blogland!

And happy fall to you! It used to be my favorite season when we lived up north. I guess it still is. I look forward to turning off the air conditioner in another month or so.

Elena said...

Welcome back dear Melody! I have missed you. I just love the autumn time too!

Linda said...

So glad you are back Melody. It is a lovely time of year, and it will be so good to get all caught up with you!

Liz said...

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Summer! I love Autumn too! All of the colors are just magnificent!

Brenda said...

I'm just hearing about your Mother's passing. I hope you are doing well praying the Lord's continuing hand on you and your family as you are going thru the grieving process.
As much as I don't like summer to end, I do love Autumn just as much for the same reasons you mention.
God bless.

Mother Mayhem said...

Hi, Melody! Happy autumn! :o)

(My favorite season.)

Raise Them Up said...

It's great to see you back! :) I think it is safe to say you were missed by bunches of us over the summer.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Welcome back!!! I really missed visiting your beautiful blog and I am so glad that you're back:). I agree with your sentiments about autumn-it is a beautiful time of year:).

Blessings dear friend,


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I'm so glad you're back! I stopped by last week to see if maybe you were but I"m happy it's this week. Glad you enjoyed the sign on my blog yesterday!

Love the colors in the picture! Very pretty. Hope you're enjoying being back in blog world. We have missed you.

I hope you're doing better with the loss of your mom.

valerie said...

Welcome back! You've been missed!
I love your fall decorations. The hanging one is especially cute!
I pray you are doing well.
I love all my special blogging friends too.
We have a special bond, huh?

Susanne said...

Welcome back! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! The colors, the smells, the coolness, the comfort food. :v)

Tori said...

And we welcome you back! I hope your little break was refreshing and you have lots of blog about now.

I love Fall also, enjoy!

Toodlebugz said...

So glad you are back.It is that wonderful time of year for crunchy walks & smokey air.Don't you just love those smells.Have a blessed weekend.

Charli and me said...

Happy Autumn! I agree that autumn is a very warm season. I'm glad you are back with us. I think one of the most difficult things in life is to lose a parent. I am keeping you in my prayers.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Melody,

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear sweet Mother. My sweet Mother went to Heaven a little over a year ago, the hurt is unexplainable. It is the beautiful memories our sweet Mothers leave with us that keep one moving forward and always seem to make us smile.

Autumn is indeed a beautiful season. I call it the quiet season and must admit it is one of my favorite.

Take care my friend and continue to enjoy what I think will be a beautiful autumn season for each of us.:o) Continue to enjoy a lovely weekend.